Jason Priest



I want to continue to create engaging entertainment experiences and products that will be enjoyed by many all over the world.  I aim to be a pivotal contributor in the creative process, helping to lead teams of artists and visionaries, tirelessly working to bridge the gap between art and technology and constantly working to facilitate trust and communication between all departments of development from design, to production, to programming, and marketing.



I have fantastic communication skills and I work well directing large teams of artists. I’m both artistically and technically minded.  I enjoy working with tools programmers to ensure that teams have solid tools and processes a their disposal to create the best product possible. I have a solid foundation in traditional animation, and artistic fundamentals.  I’m always continuing to push for excellence in both my own work and in the direction I give to my teams.


Professional Experience:


2016- Present Art Director- Blind Squirrel Games


  • Art Director for new IP development



2012- 2016 Lead Artist- Insomniac Games- Burbank


  • Lead Environment Artist Spider-Man-  I was the lead environment artist for preproduction and the start of production on Spider-Man for the PS4.  I worked closely with the art director to establish a visual quality bar that would push the boundaries of visual fidelity in an open world game.  I established best practices and guidelines for how we were going to build a game of such a large scope modularly.  By working closely with a Houdini programmer and graphics programmers I helped drive the design of the procedural tools needed to create New York.
  • Lead Environment Artist Sunset Overdrive-  As the lead environment artist on Sunset Overdrive it was my responsibility to take care of the day to day operation of the environment team.  This included, providing tasks, art direction, and general career counseling. I was also responsible for helping to communicate the vision of the creative and art directors to the team and provide production with accurate scheduling information.



2011- 2012 Art Director- THQ- Agoura Hills


  • Art Director at THQ corporate office- I was an Art Director for THQ corporate providing high level feedback across all games in the core division at THQ.  I was responsible for helping to foster communication and collaboration between all THQ studios world wide through studio visits, and the art and graphics councils inside the organization.  I worked along side the executive art director to help ensure the products across the studios are trending to meet the expectations of the senior and executive vice presidents of the THQ core games division.  Though onsite trips, continual play throughs, and review sessions I worked identify key issues and provide possible direction and solutions to both the game teams and the executive team at corporate.  I also helped to identify key talent and tools that I could introduce to art directors across the company to help raise the quality bar across the entire company.


2010- 2011- Art Director- THQ- Kaos Studios


  • Art Director Homefront for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC-  I directed a large talented team of artists to develop a AAA competitive first person shooter experience based in a war torn suburban USA.  As the art director I was responsible for the day to day management of the concept, environment, ui, animation, and character teams. On a daily basis I reviewed the art in the game, gave critiques, and worked to mentor the art team to help deliver the best quality product possible.  Along with directing the art team it is also my responsibility to work closely with the creative director, engineering team and the design team to help ensure that everyone is working together to create a captivating and comprehensive gaming experience.



2008- 2010- Lead Multiplayer Artist & Senior Artist-

Activision /Luxoflux


  • Lead Multiplayer Artist Unannounced title for Xbox 360 and PS3- (Cancelled)
  • Senior Artist Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen for Xbox 360 and PS3-  Worked leading and mentoring a small crew of junior artists. I was responsible for four single player missions and one multi-player mission for downloadable content.


2002- 2008–Associate Art Director- Electronic Arts Los Angeles


  • Associate Art Director Tiberium for Xbox 360 ,PS3, and PC-  I directed teams of artists both internally and externally. It was my job to work closely with the senior art directors and executive producer to create the vision of the game and to help to guide the art team to that vision on time and with quality.  It was also my responsibility to help establish guidelines, best practices and style guides along with providing daily feedback to the internal and external developers. 
  • Background Supervisor Goldeneye Rogue Agent– I was made lead artist over all of Goldeneye in the last few months of production to help provide the over twenty six artists on the team one person they could go to for both feedback and artistic support.  I was responsible for the day to day running of the environment team, the education of art tools and pipelines, working to make sure outside vendors were productive and worked under tight deadlines to constantly review the game with the executive producer and art directors. In addition to running a huge team of artists I also was in charge of creating an entire single player mission.
  • Associate Lead Artist Medal of Honor Rising Sun– On Medal of Honor I was made lead of over half the levels in a critical time of the project to help insure we did not miss our Christmas ship date.  I worked closely with my team of four artists to create several single player missions focusing my attention on Pearl Harbor, Bridge on the river Kawi and Guadalcanal.  I helped to provide constant artistic feedback and schedule management on top of creating a single player mission myself. 



1999-2002– Staff Artist – Creative Capers Entertainment – Glendale CA.


  • Staff Artist High poly modeling, texture development, and lighting for Bionicle Mask of Light  (Lego) and Michael Bedard’s Sitting Ducks for Universal Television. Also responsible for low-poly modeling, texture development and lighting for Adam Blaster: Atomic Enforcer a 3D Adventure Game utilizing the RenderWare Platform, (Nintendo Gamecube, Playstation 2 and PC).   Staff Artist on over 10 Disney Interactive products.



1993-1997- Summer Intern- Creative Capers Entertainment – Glendale CA.


  • Assistant Traditional Animator. 3D Artist on in house developmental projects.



Game Credits:

TBD For Insomniac Games- Spider-Man PS4– Lead Environment Artist

2014 For Insomniac Games- Sunset Overdrive– Lead Environment Artist

2012 For Insomniac Games- Fuse- Sr Artist

2011 For THQ: Homefront– Art Director

2009 For Activision: Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen – Senior Artist

2008 For Electronic Arts: Tiberium (cancelled) – Associate Art Director

2007 For Electronic Arts: Command & Conquer III Tiberium Wars– Additional Concept Art

2007 For THQ: Ratatouille Next Gen- Senior Artist

2004 For Electronic Arts: Goldeneye Rogue Agent – Background Supervisor

2004 For Electronic Arts: Medal of Honor Pacific Assault – CG Artist

2003 For Electronic Arts: Medal of Honor Rising Sun– Associate Lead background Artist

2002 For Pan Interactive: Adam Blaster: Atomic Enforcer– Lead Texture Artist

2001 For Disney Interactive: Belle’s Magical Ballroom– CG Artist                          

2000 For Disney Interactive: Tigger Activity Center– Pre Engineer, and Photoshop artist

1999 For Disney Interactive: Sidekicks Activity Center– Pre Engineer, and Photoshop artist.

1999 For Disney Interactive: Winnie the Pooh Kindergarten– Pre Engineer/ Photoshop artist

1999 For Disney Interactive: Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day– Pre Engineer / Photoshop artist

1995 For Disney Interactive: Lion King Activity Center– Assistant Animator, Pencil test operator

1994 For Disney Interactive: Lion King Animated Storybook– Assistant Animator


Television Credits:

 2000-2001 For Universal Television: Michael Bedard’s Sitting Ducks – CG Modeling, Texturing, and lighting.

2001 For Imagine Entertainment and Fox Television:  Stabler Ph.D.- CG Artist, Character Skinning

1999 For Krislin Entertainment: Kingsley’s Meadow– CG Modeling, Texturing, and lighting.


Film Credits:

2003 For Lego and Miramax: Bionicle Mask of Light– 3D Modeling, Texturing, and lighting.

1999 For Walt Disney Pictures: The Tigger Movie– Digital Background Painting



1999 For Nintendo and Disney: Mickey Racer for Gameboy Color- Digital Ink and Paint 

1999 For Nintendo and Disney: Beauty and the Beast for Gameboy Color- Digital Ink and Paint


           1996-1998 Colorado Institute of Art- Denver Co. Completed coursework in Computer Animation.


Software Proficiencies: I am experienced in the following software applications:



  • 3DS Max, Modeling, Lighting, Particles, and Texturing.
  • Maya 2016 Modeling, and Texturing
  • Adobe Photoshop CC, Premiere, After Effects 
  • 3D Coat
  • Unreal 4
  • Zbrush , Crazybump, and Xnormal
  • Substance Designer
  • Substance Painter
  • MS Excel, Word, and Powerpoint



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